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Audrius Stundzia, Ph.D. | Managing Director and Co Founder

Audrius Stundzia received his Ph.D. from the Department of Physics at the University of Toronto. His doctoral research was carried out at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois where he participated in one of the most successful experiments in the history of the laboratory. Dr. Stundzia was a Post Doctoral Fellow in Computational Biophysics at the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto where he carried out currently-cited research in the simulation of complex spatial processes in the cell. For this work Dr. Stundzia was appointed a Principal Investigator with the Heart and Stroke Foundation. It was during this time that Dr. Stundzia first became involved in medical imaging research which lead to him coauthoring an award – winning paper in the field of nuclear medicine. Based on his expertise in biophysics and advanced algorithm development, Dr. Stundzia has been employed as a research consultant to a number of venture companies in the medical device industry. Dr. Stundzia is currently the Managing Director of Tomographix IP Ltd., which he co-founded in 2005, and where he currently leads the research and development of leading-edge medical image analysis and visualization software systems. Dr. Stundzia also currently serves as the North American consultant to Fuji Film R. I. Pharma Co., Ltd. (Japan).


Zhi Yong (Calvin) Cai | Director of Business Development 

Zhi Yong (Calvin) Cai received his undergraduate degree in Mechatronics from the Guangdong Radio and Television University in Guangdong, Guangzhou, China. He furthered his specialization earning an associate degree in CAD at the Santa Anna College, California, USA. Zhi Yong Cai was employed at Alcon (China), the global leader in ophthalmic instruments and eye care, where he held the the position of Regional Engineering Sales Manager, southern China, of  the Ophthalmic Surgery Division for five years. Mr. Cai has extensive experience in marketing and sales in the medical device market, especially in Asia. Zhi Yong Cai is current the Director of Business Development. Mr. Cai also currently serves as a marketing consultant to a rapidly growing internet company, CIK Telecom.


Scientific Advisors


Paul Dufort, Ph.D. | Co Founder 

Paul received his Ph.D. from the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto in Computational Biophysics. A recipient of the Medical Research Council of Canada (now the CIHR) Studentship award throughout his doctoral studies, Dr. Dufort presented his work in the simulation of actin biopolymer dynamics and kinetics at numerous scientific conferences including as an invited speaker at the 1998 Gordon Research Conference on Theoretical Biology and Biomathematics. Based on his expertise in software architecture and advanced visualization algorithms, Dr. Dufort has been employed as a consultant to various organizations including the Flight Simulation Laboratory at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS), where he was involved in the development of leading-edge fused image systems employing both infrared-enhanced and computer-generated synthetic displays used in helicopter search-and-rescue operations. Dr. Dufort cofounded Tomographix IP Ltd. in 2005. Dr Dufort also currently holds a position as Computational Imaging Scientist at the JDMI - Joint Department of Medical Imaging at the UHN - University Health Network (Toronto, Canada).